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Airlive L3-XGF28

The AirLive L3-XGF28 is a next-generation multiservice layer 3 manageable Fiber switch with 24 Gigabit Fiber Ports and 4 high-densify 10G Fiber Ports. There are also 8 Gigabit Ethernt RJ45 combo ports.   With high switching capacity, the L3-XGF28 supports wire-speed L2/L3 forwarding and high routing performance for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The L3-XGF28 layer 3 switch offers high performance hardare IP routing, Static route, OSPF and RIP provide dynamic routing by exchanging routing informtion with other layer 3 switches and routers.  The L3-XGF28 with excellent price/performance ratio is ideal for large network aggregation, small to medium network core and server access for data centers.

Product Highlights
  • (24) Gigabit SFP Ports
  • (8) Gigabit Combo Ports
  • (4) 10G SFP+ ports, (1) Console Port
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 features
  • Aggregation layer of a large network, core layer of medium-sized network, access of a server cluster, and full SFP Layer 3 access of buildings in large enterprise or campus networks.
  • Support any NMS Cloud protocol, easy Intergrate to any NMS Telcom cloud
  • Layer 3 security management mechanisms provide network security defense, high-security access control, and effective network access control.
  • Superior management policies facilitate bandwidth management and ensure the performance of key applications
Technical Specifications
  • (24) Gigabit SPF Ports
  • (8) Gigabit RJ45 (combo) Ports
  • (4) 10G SFP+ Ports, (1) Console Port
  • L2/L3 Network Management
  • IPv4/6 VLan OSPF, Route Management
  • Ring Network Recovery: The self-healing time of the ring network is less than 20ms
  • Large Bandwidth 128Gbps
  • Flash Memory: 16MB
  • MAC Address:16K
  • EPRS Ethernet Ring Protection
  • Surge and ESD Protection- Surge 6KV, ESD:8KV
  • Support any NMS Cloud protocol, easy Intergrate to any NMS Telcom cloud
  • Multiple Link Aggregation Groups, up to 8 groups
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
  • Power: AC100~240VAC, internal
  • Mechanical: Solid metal 1U rack-mountable, smart FANs, with rack-mounting kits
  • CE/FCC certification