Airlive POE-GSH800-120-BT

The AirLive POE GSH800 120 BT Gigabit switch is compliant with 802.3af(15W)/802.3at(30W)/802.3bt(60W). It supports 8 PoE ports. Total of PoE power is 120W. Port 1 and 2 support Hi power PoE up to 60W that satisfy high power needed equipment such as Thin PC, PoE LED, high power IPCAM, etc.

Product Highlights
  • All 8-port, each port delivers Gigabit high speed
  • 8 x PoE port (up to 30W, Port #1~2 up to 60W)
  • PoE power, supports 802.3at/802.3bt PoE+ / PoE++
  • Internal Power 120W
  • VLAN Mode, Extended Mode: transmission of up to 250M in Extend Mode
  • Setting by hardware DIP switch
  • Surge Protection; ESD Protection
  • PoE Watchdog in VLAN and Extend mode.