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Airlive Revolve Mesh
Revolve Mesh

Compliant with latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, AirLive 11ax Revolve Mesh contributes great advantages including greater scalability, less Interference, advanced WPA3 higher security, high density & faster performance, responsive lower latency, wider coverage of up to 700 square meter (2pack).
Support with rich and advanced functions such as Smart Easy MESH roaming and 1 SSID for all your wireless routers not losing the signal, VPN to work from home easily, IPTV Pass-through for zero config to set top box, OpenWrt functions to design your own router.

The Revolve Bundle includes two sets of AirLive W6 184QAX router which is integrated with Qualcomm Quad-Core 64-bit 1.2Ghz CPU, 256MB DDR3 high speed RAM and 128MB Flash memory that ensure stable working up to 128 devices. For wired connectivity, there are 1 x Gigabit WAN port and 3 x Gigabit LAN ports equipped.

Product Highlights
  • Two AirLive W6184QAX in one package
  • WiFi 6, 1800Mbps, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Concurrent Dual Bands
  • Preset Mesh, Open and Use
  • External Antenna for better wireless signal
  • Flexible wireless mesh network , push mesh button and join the exist mesh network
  • VPN Server Supported
Technical Specifications
  • 802.11Ax WiFi6 Dual band upto 1800mbps
  • One SSID Always Connected, Wireless Roaming Freely
  • Flexible wireless mesh network , push mesh button and join the exist mesh network
  • Large 700 square meter (2pack of W6184QAX) Wi-Fi Cover Zone
  • Built in 4x External Antennas for great coverage
  • Built in VPN Server
  • 1 Gigabit WAN, 6 Gigabit LAN ports (2 pack)