Peplink Balance 380x

Device that promises to transform your fixed and advanced wireless broadband through its incredible features bandwidth on demand with LTE or 5G, out of band management and compatibility with our SpeedFusion Cloud.

Product Highlights
  • Experience Network Failover with LTE or 5GIf your network fails, the device will automatically switch over to the cellular connection using LTE or 5G to resumeconnectivity.
  • Out-of-Band Management whenever, whereverRemotely manage and troubleshoot your devices all through the convenience of a FlexModule Mini.
  • Bandwidth-on-Demand with LTE or 5GNetwork can be changed from LTE to 5G simply by changingthe FlexModule Mini.
Technical Specifications
  • Ethernet WAN Ports: 3 (GE)
  • LAN Ports: 3 (GE)
  • USB WAN Modem Port: 1
  • Expansion Modules (option): 1
  • Embedded LTE Modem: No
  • Recommended Users: 50-500
  • Stateful Firewall Throughput: 3Gbps
  • Load Balancing/Failover: Yes
  • Drop-In Mode: Yes
  • Inbound Load Balancing: Yes
  • SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding: Yes
  • Number of SpeedFusion Peers: 30/100*
  • SpeedFusion Throughput: 500Mbps
  • SpeedFusion Throughput (No Encryption): 500Mbps
  • L2TP / PPTP VPN Server: Yes
  • IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network): Yes
  • Manage Pepwave AP: Yes
  • Maximum Number of AP Supported: 50
  • Manage Remote AP & Multiple Config Profiles: Yes