Peplink Max BR1 Pro

Enterprise Grade Router with LTE Failover

Cellular Branch Networking Router.The MAX BR1 Pro comes with 4-port LAN switch and automatic failover, making it an ideal choice for deployments that demand outstanding reliability and flexibility

Product Highlights
  • Broadband with LTE backup
  • SpeedFusion Hot Failover
  • Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers
  • 4-port GE LAN Switch
Technical Specifications
  • WAN Interface: 1x GE 1x Embedded LTE Modem with Redundant SIM Slots
  • LAN Interface:  4x GE
  • Wi-Fi Interface: 802.11a/n or b/g/n 300Mbps
  • Router Throughput: 120Mbps
  • Recommended Users: 60