Peplink Max Transit Duo

Built for Transportation Deployments
With a compact form factor, simultaneous dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi, the MAX Transit Duo is ready to deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi to your passengers.

Product Highlights

Dual Embedded Cellular and Redundant SIM Slots

Two cellular modems and redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots.

Simultaneous Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Reduce Wi-Fi congestion and interference. Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi gives you two independent networks that also work together, maximizing the throughput that your passengers can enjoy.

Captive Portal with Social Wi-Fi

The MAX Transit Duo comes with a customizable captive portal what allows passengers to login with Facebook. As they login, you can use InControl 2 to see insightful reports on user demographics.

External Captive Portal for

Advertising Servers The MAX Transit Duo also supports external captive portals, enabling you to connect to an advertising server. That way, your Wi-Fi hotspots can become a source of revenue.

Install it Anywhere

With mounting ears that can be installed from many angles and optional DIN rail mounts, the MAX Transit Duo is ready to fit into just about any space you have available.