Peplink Max Transit Mini

The Transit Mini supports both band 71 and FirstNet, providing additional coverage as the situation demands. Band 71 operates at a 600MHz frequency that travels twice as far and works four times better in buildings than conventional LTE bands. This means Band 71 provides better coverage in remote areas as well as indoors. FirstNet (band 14) provides first responders with a specialized LTE network with more priority and network capacity.

Product Highlights

Made for Mobility

The MAX Transit Mini has specialized features for vehicular deployments. Ignition sensing, which

detects the ignition status of the vehicle, enables the device to turn on and off as the vehicle starts

up and shuts down. It is also equipped with GPS, enabling you to track its movements. With

InControl's fleet management, you can review the route history of all your vehicles from any web browser


Scalable Management


With a footprint of 4.1 x 4.3 inches, the Transit Mini can fit in just about any small space. It can be

powered using Passive PoE, reducing the number of wires in the vehicle. Most importantly,

the Transit Mini can be remotely managed by InControl cloud management^. This enables you

to bulk push configurations and firmware updates, ensuring infinite scalability.