Peplink Puma 401

With 4 cellular channels, the Puma 401 is a powerhouse, capable of providing you high bandwidth and solid reliability even under heavy usage. Equipped with high gain LNA, the GPS receiver has improved location tracking.

Product Highlights
  • 4x4 MIMO 5G ready cellular antenna system with GPS receiver
  • Cellular frequencies 600-6000 MHz
  • B71 Support
  • Durable and UV-stable housing
  • Black or white color options
  • P67 rated
Technical Specifications
  • Antenna elements:  4x LTE, 1x GPS
  • Cellular frequency bands: 0.3dBi@ 617-960MHz
  • 5.1dBi@ 1710-2700MHz
  • 5.8dBi@ 3400-4200MHz
  • 7.0dBi@ 4900-6000MHz
  • GPS frequency bands: 1.6dBi, LNA 28dB: 1561-1602MHz
  • IP rating:  IP67
  • Dimensions:  (Height) 1.42" / 36mm (spigot not included)
  • (Diameter) 5.12" / 130mm
  • Coax cable type: CFD-200 (4G/5G, Wi-Fi) RG-174 (GPS)
  • Connector Type: SMA male, QMA male, N-type male