Zyxel WAC500H Wave 2 Wall-Plate Unified Access Point

Today’s business and leisure travelers expect to connect to high-speed Wi-Fi when stepping into a hotel and would consider internet connectivity the top amenity. Most travelers won’t hesitate to report bad WiFi experience and bother to come back again. So do you want a breakout rating on TripAdvisor? The Zyxel WAC500H 802.11ac Wave 2 Wall-Plate Unified Access Point is an adaptive WiFi and Switch for hotels.

Product Highlights
  • Clever wired and wireless network solution for individual hotel guest rooms
  • The versatile wall-plate AP design can be mounted on wall plates or directly in anywhere
  • Up to 300% more performance from MU-MIMO technology
  • Enterprise-class 2x2 802.11ac Wave 2 AP supporting combined data rates of up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Two downlink Gigabit Ethernet ports, including one with PoE to power for VoIP phones or other devices
  • Protect against 4G/5G cellular network interference with Zyxel advanced cellular mitigation design
Technical Specifications
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11 ac/n/g/b/a
  • Wireless speed: 2.4GHz 300Mbps| 5GHz 866Mbps
  • Frequency band: 2.4GHz
  • USA (FCC): 2.412 to 2.462 GHz
  • Europe (ETSI): 2.412 to 2.472 GHz
  • 5GHz
  • USA (FCC): 5.15 to 5.25 GHz; 5.725 to 5.850 GHz
  • European (ETSI): 5.15 to 5.35 GHz; 5.470 to 5.725 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 20-, 40- and 80-MHz
  • Conducted typical transmit output power
  • US (2.4GHz/5GHz) 23/26dBm
  • EU (2.4GHz/5GHz) 19/26dBm
  • Antenna type: 2x2 MIMO Embedded Antenna
  • Antenna gain: 2.4GHz 3 dBi |  5GHz 4 dBi
  • Minimum receive sensitivity: Up to -99 dBm
  • Band steering: Yes
  • WDS/ Mesh: Yes
  • Fast roaming: Pre-authentication, PMK caching and 802.11r/k/v
  • DCS: Yes
  • Load balancing: Yes
  • Encryption: WEP/ WPA/WPA2-PSK/WPA3
  • Authentication: WPA/WPA2-Enterprise/ EAP/ IEEE 802.1X/ RADIUS authentication
  • Access management: L2-isolation/ MAC filtering
  • IPv6: Yes
  • VLANs: Yes
  • WMM: Yes
  • U-APSD: Yes
  • DiffServ marking: Yes